Harnessing innovation and efficiency for cost effective outcomes

Professional results are delivered on the back of experience and years of honing processes for consistent, reliable outcomes.

Using a tried and tested systematic approach to our work means we have more time to innovate and explore new concepts and technologies. In turn, this allows us to take a fresh, unique approach to your work and create branding, packaging, design and imagery that sets you apart from your competitors.  

Industry specialties

Mt Hurtle Creative provides graphic design, branding strategy and photography services to any business looking to strengthen their identity and build market awareness. However, we have a particularly close association with both construction supply and food & wine industries.

It may seem like an odd combination, but both require a uniform attention to detail that can be consistently reproduced across product lines year after year.  

Experienced in both hospitality and construction services, the team at Mt Hurtle Creative have an in-depth knowledge of terminology, target markets and expectations. This translates into results that are distinctly industry-specific and on message.  

What makes us… “us”

We don’t rest on the laurels of our predecessors. We soak up their knowledge and tricks of the trade, then use that as a foundation to branch out to discover new and exciting ways to deliver our services. We endeavour to experiment, think outside the box and develop our own distinct style that breaks away from the norm.

Ultimately, we use what makes us “us”, to effectively communicate what makes you “you”. 


"We have being using Mt Hurtle Creative for 18 months now and we are very impressed with the way they were able to slot into using our branding and still give us a fresh approach and professional look. We are very happy with the time lapse video, brochures, datasheets and every other task they have undertaken." 

Spectrum Floors

"Mt Hurtle Creative have been highly professional and knowledgeable with creating videos that suit our products but also the culture that speaks for us. It is hard to find professionals who are patient to take us through our journey to do our first few project videos - Mt Hurtle Creative has done that." 

Kenneth Loh
Marketing Manager
Treadwell Group

"We recently contracted Mt Hurtle Creative to produce some high resolution images of some very small parts.
The photographer immediately understood our requirements and was able to produce the required images utilising advanced equipment in the Mt Hurtle studio.
The work was carried out with professionalism and the resulting images were exactly what we needed, and were of top quality.
I would recommend Mt Hurtle Creative to anyone needing high resolution photography involving intricate parts." 

Athol Gooden
BlastOne International

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