Branding and photography specialists to the construction supply and food & wine industries

Everything we do supports your brand identity online, and off. We delve deep to understand where your business is now, where you want it to go, and the best way to engage your desired market with your brand.

Our focus on the construction supply and food & wine industries has led us to develop strategies and processes tailored to the needs of each. This means we already understand the relevant challenges and perspectives involved, which puts us a step ahead in devising unique industry-specific design solutions.

Brand creation

Creating a new brand, or renewing an existing brand, involves an in-depth assessment. We need to unpack your story. Your business “DNA”. Why your business exists – your purpose – what niche you fill, and for whom.

We explore who your ideal client or customer is and what will resonate with them.

We explore colour palettes, typography, imagery and wording to build a brand identity that both connects with your market and accurately reflects who you are.

And we explore your competition to create points of differentiation so your brand stands out proudly to create a competitive advantage. 

Packaging, stationery and product support material

Packaging matters. There are whole YouTube channels devoted to “unboxing” videos that attract millions of viewers. Boxes have evolved beyond merely storing and protecting your products.

They’re an experience.

Packaging that is clever, eye-catching, different and functional draws people in and compels them to buy. We can design, create, test and arrange manufacture of tactile and tantalising packaging for products large, small, robust or fragile. We can even work with you to create unique bottles or containers for food goods, wine, beer and other beverages.

What’s more, to create a cohesive brand identity, we can apply the look and feel of your brand across business cards, letterheads, posters, brochures, banners, tote bags, labels, or any other marketing collateral that is in the public eye.  

Commercial photography

Ecommerce is an ever-growing industry that relies heavily on clear, detailed photos to help consumers make the right purchasing decision.

We specialise in two styles of photography:

Reflective – ideal for shiny products such as wine bottles, glasses, metal components, jewellery, etc., where you want to minimise external reflections for a clean product shot.
Repetitive – ideal for high-volume products where the same lighting, styling and framing needs to apply consistently across hundreds, even thousands, of product shots or product lines that span across a number of years (e.g. adding new wine vintages to a website with the same photographic outcome).

We also work with a food and beverage stylist to capture meals and produce while at their best.
Our studio has been meticulously streamlined for high-volume and fast turn-around of product photography. We can unpack, prepare, photograph and repack up to 30 individual products an hour from every angle required and create the same look time after time.

For larger items such as machinery, we can photograph on site, or arrange studio space for a neutral background. No product is too large, small or difficult for us to shoot.

We service all industries, so if you’re not in construction or food & wine, that’s OK. We have the skills and expertise to create striking, original concepts for any business you’re in.  

Ready to review your branding and design? Let’s go!

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