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Here’s what to expect


Project brief

To deliver the results you want, we need to understand who you are, who your market is, exactly what services you need and what the outcome needs to be. It also helps to get an idea of your anticipated budget so we can make sure you get the best return on your investment.


Proposal submission

Once the brief has been completed, we’ll put together a proposal to confirm scope of work, inclusions, schedules, pricing and other project details.



Keen to move ahead? Great! On acceptance of the proposal, we’ll issue an invoice for our engagement fee and lock your project into our schedule upon payment.


Concepts – initial ideas

Based on the information you provide, we’ll get busy developing 3 sets of initial concepts for your branding or packaging. If you’re engaging us for a professional photography package, we’ll establish the style and location of photography to arrange the shoot.


Concepts – selection

We present the initial design or photography concepts for you to select the direction you would like the project to take. Feedback provided at this stage will be used to develop your preferred concept further.


Concepts – refinement

This is where your branding and packaging design really start to take shape. We hone in on the finer aspects to deliver a fully realised end result.



At this stage your design and company branding should require no more than minor tweaks or amendments to achieve the outcomes you expect.


Completion and delivery

Once all design details have been accepted, we can arrange for printing or manufacture of your branded material, including stationery, packaging and marketing collateral.

Your final invoice will be issued with your materials delivered on payment. This is when full resolution photos will be available for download and use.  


We take extreme care to deliver outstanding results to our clients. This starts with the care we show your products – and respect for your time. Our studio layout has been thoughtfully constructed to maximise output and photographic consistency, while minimising inefficient double-handling.

Perishable goods are safely stored in a refrigerator with back-up generator. This ensures goods are fit for consumption or can be used for tasting stock (in wineries, for instance) once they have been photographed.

Where meals are being photographed, we set up for shots to ensure food can be photographed quickly and safely consumed. Our aim is to minimise potential wastage and be out of your way as soon as possible.

Mt Hurtle Creative carries extensive public liability, caused or accidental damage and natural disaster insurances to safeguard your business and products while in our hands.

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