Cut through to your target audience with tantalising images and refreshingly imaginative branding across your food and wine labels, packaging, and online sales channels.

Serving up brands with bite

With seemingly endless choice for food, wine and beverage products, carving out a uniquely distinct and memorable brand identity is more important than ever. Not only does your brand need to command attention, it needs to speak directly to your target market on an intuitive level.

We explore every aspect of your business, products and market to distil the key ingredients needed to create a brand that can rise to the challenge against both local and international competitors.

Visual appeal

Your brand needs to accurately capture and reflect the essence of your organisation, along with the flavours, aromas, textures and mouthfeel of your products. Your audience should be able to tell, at a glance, what to expect. When establishing your brand identity, we ensure your logo, typography, colours and design elements pair perfectly with the experience your wine, beverages, produce or eatery delivers. 

Marketing mix

Repetition is the key to recognition. Consumers need to see your brand at least 5-7 times before they remember it and are influenced by it. Our custom brand strategies help you achieve this goal by creating a broad mix of marketing collateral to reach your target market both online and off.

We apply your logo and identity to labels, packaging, business cards, stationery, flyers, banners or posters, and create hi-res image files for your website, signage, uniforms, merchandise and other promotional material.

Food, beverage and wine bottle photography

Showcase your produce with high quality, beautifully styled photography. Specialising in wine bottle photography and food styling photography, we know all the tricks of the trade to add that extra sizzle and spice to your images. 

Beverage and wine bottle photography

When photographing glass, it’s critical that this seductively smooth, highly reflective surface is 100% free from dust, fingerprints and smudges. Our professional studio is designed for meticulous preparation and capture of bottles and glassware.

We have also developed a process to ensure we can consistently repeat the same lighting, look and feel when shooting product across vintages for a cohesive visual experience.

-   Minimal reflection on glass surfaces
-   High volume, high output bottle photography
-   Neutral or white background product photography
-   Multiple angles to capture front and back labels
-   Consistent, reproducible results over multiple vintages
-   Discounts for ongoing work across several seasons

Food styling photography

Create a mouth-watering experience with professionally styled food photography. Whether you’re selling fresh produce or artfully prepared meals, we understand how to capture food at its very best.

-   seasonal produce or menu photography
-   streamlined set up to shoot food moments after plating
-   minimise food wastage by photographing food to be served
-   professional food stylist to enhance chef’s own plating style

In addition to our specialist photography services, we are available to visit your winery, distillery, cellar door, farm, market or restaurant to shoot photos on-site. Our flexible booking times allow us to work in with your schedule to take stunning mood photos or action shots to use across your website, flyers/brochures, posters, annual reports or newsletters.

Wine label and food packaging design 

Packaging and labels are perhaps the most important aspect of brand design. They contain essential legal information, as well as establish expectations about the product upon consumption. 

Wine label design, in particular, needs to remain consistent across vintages and varietals, while also having sufficient variation for consumers to identify the different styles. This is where colour, texture, special treatments (frosting, embossing, foil, spot varnishes, stamping), even bottle shape, can create a coherent brand identity that embodies the unique characteristics of your company.

-    Wine label design
-    Beer, spirit and beverage label design
-    Bottle design
-    Custom boxes or cartons
-    Bag design

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