Build brand awareness and repeat trade with a strong brand identity. We provide the tools and supporting materials to effectively market your services and products to your target clients.

Constructing the foundation of your brand

Developing a cohesive, targeted brand strategy is critical for any commercial enterprise. Even those involved in mining, construction, wholesale trade and manufacturing. Your brand identity is what helps communicate your message to establish coherency, recognition and trust.

We work with industry and construction suppliers to create or refresh branding in line with their industry, products/services, values, market and end users.

Visual identity

This includes your logo, colours, typography and other design elements that identify your organisation. Our aim is to generate a strong visual presence that can be consistently applied across all facets of your organisation to reinforce your brand and increase brand recognition.

Marketing collateral

Consistent application of your brand identity is the fastest way to boost your visibility within your industry or supply chain. This extends beyond business cards, letter heads and website design to include signage, packaging, uniforms, banners, brochures, merchandise, promotional products – anywhere you might have an opportunity to put your brand in front of your target audience.

We can create a range of marketing collateral to launch your organisation’s fresh, new brand.

Industrial and commercial photography

High-quality photography is essential to display your products, endeavours and workmanship. Especially where your end-user is relying on product brochures or website to make their purchase decision.

Make it easy for them.

As specialists in industrial and commercial photography, we understand how to perfectly capture products, machinery or commercial builds of any size, in any space.

Ecommerce and custom product photography

Our studio is set up to provide consistent and detailed product shots across hundreds of items.

-   Neutral or white background product photography
-   Multiple product angles
-   High volume, high output photography
-   Minimal reflection on shiny or metallic surfaces
-   Consistent, reproducible results over any time period
-   Subscription options for bulk photography

Construction and industrial photography

We have worked on-site with a wide range of industry and construction clients to shoot large-scale or underground machinery, buildings and worksites.

-   Current White Card for safe access to worksites
-   Can schedule around shutdowns or before/after work hours
-   Studio space can be arranged to shoot large-scale machinery

Product packaging design

Incorporating your brand identity into your product packaging is a smart way to increase visibility and brand recognition. Our team of skilled packaging designers can develop a versatile range of packaging options to safely and stylishly transport your products to their final destination. 

-   Boxes and cartons
-   Branded pallet and shrink wrap
-   Vacuum packs
-   Custom packaging

Ready to take your industry or construction supply branding to the next level?

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